GLens Labs provides consultation services in anticipation, identification, evaluation & control of workplace pollutants.

We help monitor a wide range of workplace contaminants by carrying out area & personal exposure measurements based on NIOSH / OSHA approved methods using state-of-the-art monitoring devices & analysis of samples at MoEF approved laboratories. Some of the contaminants we deal with are:
  • Physical Agents: Heat, Noise, Vibration, Radiation, Illumination
  • Chemical Agents: Solvents (more than 200), Acids, Alkalies, Gases, Vapours and Dusts
  • Biological Agents: Pathogens & Fungi
We provide consultation to our clients & help implement solutions based on the well accepted hierarchy of controls- elimination at source, reduce exposure by administrative controls & use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as a last resort.

We provide assessment and corrective action services for a variety of facility environmental concerns commonly encountered in both commercial and residential building environments.

We have a professional staff that includes industrial hygienists, biologists, engineers, and environmental scientists capable of efficiently identifying and assessing indoor air quality problems and providing other industrial hygiene services.

GLens Labs professionals also maintain professional certifications including Certified Industrial Hygienists (BOSH), Professional Engineers and lead professionals.

GLens Labs’ Environmental Industrial Hygiene Services Include:
  • Hazardous Material Surveys of Industries and commercial plants (VOCs, APIs, Acid Mists, Odorous Compounds, PAH, Heavy Metals etc.)
  • Asbestos Assessments
  • Audiometric Testing
  • Breathing Air Purity Analysis
  • Forklift Emission Testing
  • Fume Hood Ventilation Testing
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Mould Assessments
  • Air Ventilation Study
  • Industrial Hygiene Assessments (Metals, VOCs, PAHs, Dust, Noise, Formaldehyde, Isocyanates, Pesticides, Heat Stress etc.)